Standard or Flush Bottom? Why the choices matter

What is standard bottom fence and what is a flush bottom fence?

What we are speaking of is where is the bottom horizontal rail is on the fence panel.

On a fence that is built standard. The bottom rail is up approximately 6 inches from the bottom of the pickets.

This is a more traditional look. Some people think the flush bottom is more of a modern look.

A fence that is built flush bottom. The bottom horizontal rail is even with the bottom of all of the pickets.

If your fence is for decoration or for security or you’re just fencing in your yard for your children, or pets, it doesn’t matter whether it is built flush bottom or standard bottom. It is a personal choice, neither style increases or decreases the integrity of the fence panel.

If you are purchasing a fence for a swimming pool, we highly suggest that you check with your local ordinances to make sure that the fence you are purchasing meet the requirements of your local municipality.

Where we are located in Pennsylvania 4 high is the minimum height for a swimming pool. This is why we offer two different styles of aluminum fence in 48” tall and two in 54” tall flush bottom.

The styles of Aluminum fence that are built for a swimming pools in 4 foot tall or 54 inch tall, need to be built flush bottom rail because of the Boca code for pools. The code requires a 45 inch inner space between the horizontal rails when you have a 4 inch space between your pickets.

If you choose a tight spaced aluminum fence, where the space between the pickets is less than an 1-3/4” it only needs to be 4 foot tall and it doesn’t matter if the rail is standard or flush.

In all cases, you must install your latch at 54 inches tall. We suggest that you always buy the magna latch & self closing hinges for swimming pools.

Again, these are the rules in the area that we are located. Please contact your local building inspector to make sure you follow the rules of your municipality.

On most styles of aluminum fencing, 5 foot or taller, l it doesn’t matter whether you have it built standard or flush.

If you are thinking of buying the Ultra UAS-100 or 150 in 5 foot tall and using it for a swimming pool it must to be built flush bottom to meet the code.

The other thought that comes to mind as far as standard bottom or flush bottom. When you are trimming your lawn or maintaining your property. The flush bottom allows you to use your trimmer below the bottom of the bottom rail. If it is built standard bottom, (in our opinion) it is harder to maintain your lawn.