Rackable: What is a 'rackable' fence section?

When installing a fence along a level property, regular (standard) sections can be used. However, for any property that has a steeper grade, a regular section can look out of place because it either has to be installed in a stepped manner (using brackets) as the slope falls away, or the fence posts and pickets would not be vertical (plum).

A rackable section is designed to be able to pivot up or down a slope, so that the pickets and the posts can remain vertically aligned.

If you’ve been looking at buying an aluminum fence, you might need for your fence to be built rackable.

Aluminum fence can be easy to install. When purchasing your fence there are really only four questions. style, color, rackable or not and do you want standard or flush bottom?

If you live on a property with uneven terrain, you may be unsure how best to proceed to achieve the best results. Trying to install a fence that is not designed for hilly or uneven ground can be difficult. You should consider having your fence built with the rackable option.

What is Rackable?

Rackable is a feature with aluminum fence that allows a fence to follow the contour of your property. To either go up or down a sloping property.

Having your fence built rackable offers the best option for a variety of terrains, as it reduces the possibility of gaps between the ground and the bottom of your fence.

Racking is ideal for those with yards or properties with inclines and declines. Even if your yard seems flat, it is always best to pick the option to have your fence capable to rack. Rackable fencing can typically handle changes in grade of around 16 inches.

If you are not sure whether you should buy your fence sections built, rackable or standard. In our opinion, the best option is to go with rackable because nobody‘s property is perfectly flat. 

Having your fence built, rackable does not change the integrity of the fence panel. It allows the pickets to pivot greater within the rails, because the hole that has been punched into the rail is larger on a rackable built section.

Standard sections will rack approximately 6 inches per section. If you think your property or job site requires more than a 6 inch drop or rise, then we suggest that you choose the rackable option when ordering your fence.

a rackable section can be as adjusted to fit the slope of a property